Is Visibility into your Data across Multiple Applications becoming Increasingly Difficult?

Discover the smarter way to manage your cannabis business data.

Welcome to cannahub:

Cannahub serves as your centralized data warehouse, seamlessly connecting information from all aspects of your business. Get detailed reports synced regularly, highlighting essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and critical metrics. We are your single source of truth, providing consolidated reports by connecting data from all operational software silos.

Data Management Workflow



Cannahub is a Business Intelligence solution designed and built for the cannabis industry. Our solution connects data from various sources, including CRM, POS, Ecommerce, Accounting, ERP, Cultivation & Processing, and Compliance platforms.

Connected Cannabis

Our canna connectors support Web APIs, SQL Databases, CSV/Excel files, multiple sync schedules, delta syncs, retry logic, data batching, and error monitoring. Raw data is transformed by mapping data objects to a standard nomenclature and flattening the data for easier reporting. The transformed data is stored in a Data Warehouse, which provides access via OData, Azure SQL, and Power BI datasets.

Data Warehouse Solution

Raw data is transformed for easier reporting and stored in a Data Warehouse accessible via OData, Azure SQL, and Power BI datasets.

Revolutionize Data Management

Say Goodbye to manual data aggregation with cannahub’s data warehouse.


 Say goodbye to errors with automated data workflows.


Stay ahead of regulations with seamless connection to METRC.


Save time and resources by focusing on business forecasting.


 Grow effortlessly with cannahub as it adapts with your business needs.

Custom Reports

Gain valuable insights with customizable, intuitive reports.

The Bottom Line

Reduce the time and money spent on spreadsheets, decrease the chance of costly errors, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automated reporting.







Cultivation & Processing

HR & Payroll


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Join the revolution in cannabis data management. Make the move to cannahub today and steer your business towards a more profitable and compliant tomorrow.