NCIA: Future Of FDIC Easing for Cannabis Banking After Biden Decriminalizes Marijuana

Over the years, the simple possession or use of cannabis has seen many lives upended by arrests and criminal convictions. Unfairly, racial disparities have determined that black and brown individuals suffer most of these convictions, arrests, and prosecutions, even though white individuals use and possess cannabis at similar rates. The resulting criminal records lead to […]

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Track and Trace vs. Seed to Sale: Here’s what Cannabis Operators Need to Know

Not adhering to the law is the quickest way for a cannabis operation to accumulate heavy fines and risk getting shut down. But understanding and following state and federal regulations is complex.   Cannabis businesses need solutions to help them run smoothly in a highly competitive and regulated industry. This is where the need for […]

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Trends in Cannabis M&A

2021 was an excellent year for mergers and acquisitions deals in the cannabis industry, reaching a record high of $10.27 billion. Seemingly, many thought the trend would follow suit into 2022, or even surpass the M&As of 2021.   Instead, the cannabis market has been unyielding in the last 20 months, with M&A volumes decreasing […]

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