Building a Business Case for a Cannabis ERP

Deciding to integrate an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution into an organization is one of the most lucrative business initiatives a company can undertake. With advanced business applications that streamline end-to-end processes, lower costs, and increase profits, you would think committing to ERP integration was a “no-brainer” for companies in every industry.


Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Investing in a comprehensive ERP solution that effectively meets a company’s specific needs can be financially impactful, and company stakeholders often need persuasive arguments to justify the initial expense.


Cannabis businesses are no exception: the long-term benefits of ERP integration far outweigh the initial costs, but those with a vested interest in company finances may still need to hear compelling reasons to make a commitment. For the savvy cannabis business leader looking to optimize their enterprises with Cannabis ERP solutions that go beyond the functions of simple accounting software, making a case that convinces associates to come onboard doesn’t have to be an overly challenging task.


Cannabis business leaders can motivate key stakeholders to make the right strategic decision and begin cultivating the success of their companies through ERP innovation.


#1: Demonstrate the Benefits of Cannabis ERP on every Business Area

Before a case for cannabis ERP integration is made, business leaders will need to spend time identifying the effects integration will have on all key business areas. From accounting activities to supply chain management, human resources to customer service, and asset management to regulatory compliance – the impact of comprehensive ERP adoption in every department must be methodically investigated and well documented.


This process will include collaborating with business managers, team members, third-party partners, and even regulatory entities. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, explore hypotheticals, and take employee experiences with existing processes into account.


While some stakeholders may not want to know every little detail, demonstrating that you understand them will showcase the breadth of expertise provided with the solution itself. Presenting a complete picture that indicates that you’ve mapped out the impact in detail can even be more convincing than communicating what those details are.


#2: Identify Business Priorities and Present Immediate Value

Showcasing how ERP implementation aligns with business goals and solves immediate problems will also help get stakeholders committed to an ERP upgrade. Even with the surest long-term gains communicated effectively, company leaders may still be hesitant to invest in ERP software solutions without indicating quick returns.


Information gathered during the previous step will be particularly useful here, as the problems and constraints of existing systems will necessarily become apparent during the investigation of company-wide impacts. Prioritizing these issues to align with overall business goals will provide an opportunity to demonstrate how an ERP solution can solve these issues, providing near-instant returns on initial investment costs, and helping convince key company leaders to make the transition.


#3: Demonstrate how ERP Integration Exemplifies Real Change

Another critical part of making the business case for cannabis ERP adoption is the demonstration of how these solutions are different from existing business systems. Cannabis ERP systems are more than just another accounting or point-of-sale tool – these solutions are highly sophisticated, purpose-built, all-in-one cannabis business toolboxes.


By partnering with product experts and representatives, cannabis business leaders can provide in-person demonstrations of ERP system functionality, highlighting the versatility of comprehensive business software solutions that offer homogeneity between disparate existing company platforms.


Cannabis ERP solutions dramatically increase the efficiency of all interdepartmental operations and ensure the continuity of valuable company data across business entities. A cannabis industry ERP can also drastically cut the costs of licensing different software products for each operational purpose.


#4: Develop a Clear Deployment Timeline and Budget

When making a case for ERP solutions, cannabis business leaders need to determine accurate integration timelines and realistic deployment budgets. This is perhaps the most critical part of the planning process and should necessitate the involvement of third-party consultants. Consultants should be experts in ERP system deployment and thoroughly investigate business processes, company operations, and existing system capabilities.


Cannabis business leaders need to keep in mind that ERP integration costs more than the sticker price – depending on the specific business needs, deployment failures can result in unintended operational disruptions, hardware replacements, and additional costs for team member training.


ERP deployment consultants are specialists in this area, with the expertise needed to develop ERP deployment blueprints. Not only do these blueprints help ensure integration success, but they can also help persuade key financial decision-makers with accurate (and objective) analytical data.


Make Your Case

Cannabis businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of ERP innovation, applying these solutions to everything from the automation of routine operations, the optimization of METRC reporting system integration functions to end-to-end supply chain management, and secure cloud computing capabilities.


By investigating the effects of integration throughout an organization, presenting the prospect of immediate value from the investment, and demonstrating a real difference to existing operations, business leaders can make a compelling case for cannabis ERP solutions to grow their business.


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