How ERP Works for Edible Manufacturers

Cannabis edibles manufacturers continue to thrive in an exploding market. As legalization in the U.S. expands to more states, giving way to even more possibilities, those who have capitalized on the opportunities by understanding the industry have established their presence and strengthened their brands. 

But to become a successful brand and generate revenue in today’s market, edibles manufacturers have not had it easy. Including investments in getting the appropriate licensing and securing the right real estate for facilities that may include an R&D, manufacturing, and packaging facilities, edibles manufacturers also have to deal with complicated and evolving laws as well.

As a result, up and coming edibles manufacturing budgets haven’t had enough room for technology enhancements because of these and other expenses. But now, edibles manufacturers have realized the need for automation and sophistication to stay relevant and remain competitive in the market. 


Does Cannabis ERP Work for Edibles Manufacturers?


We often talk about how integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) helps cannabis businesses in general, but what are some specific ways ERP helps cannabis edibles manufacturers? 

Cannabis ERP is purpose-built to address the cannabis supply chain, the innovative products it produces, and the regulatory compliance demands that govern it. By giving edibles producers the ability to track products, strains, and sales data, they can better prepare for and quickly adapt to changing demands to get products to market faster.

Edibles manufacturers are busy creating products that target the cannabis consumer. Because edibles touch so many different types of people, businesses, and industries, there’s a need for specialized, customized solutions to help manage these specific niches. 

As legalization expands and regulations change, an ERP solution developed for cannabis edibles manufacturers goes beyond accounting and manufacturing basics to provide control and visibility over safety, packaging, inventory quality, and compliance. 


Cannabis Inventory Tracking & Safety


While you can’t control the natural process required to grow your supplies, cannabis ERP increases the efficiency you can process and distribute perishable products. Much like the food and beverage industry, expired products represent lost revenue for cannabis businesses, so edibles companies need to monitor their product materials, maintain consistent product quality, and control costs. 

Materials tracking features offered by cannabis ERP monitors the course and cost of the materials used to make your cannabis product. This information is not only mandated, but it also helps to be able to locate your products. Whereas a marijuana cultivator may be concerned with seeds, soil, and fertilizer, an edibles manufacturer focuses more on new cannabis products, ingredients, expiration dates, and cross-contamination risks.


Cannabis Compliance & Recalls


As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, one thing will remain constant: its emphasis on regulatory compliance to ensure public health and safety. Cannabis ERP helps manufacturers mitigate the potential for damaging effects of a food safety event.

These systems help you implement the procedures needed to address and correct several quality issues, from cultivation to sale.

In the event of a product recall, you have a limited amount of time to issue and execute the process, address the associated risks and regulatory concerns, and communicate the issues internally and publicly. Seed-to-sale ERP addresses the recall procedures outlined by regulators and allows you to fix non-compliance issues as you identify them.


Cannabis Edibles Packaging


New regulations for cannabis edibles and topicals come into play today. 

Mandating everything from manufacturing and growing processes to packaging requirements and banking restrictions, compliance is nothing to gamble with. As an edibles company, marijuana products need consistent and appropriate labels to make them safe for adult consumers and unattractive to kids. 

Cannabis ERP solutions to help ensure your products are not harmful to current and future customers and let you adhere to all regulatory guidelines for their industry.

Childproof packaging is as much about keeping kids out of unattended marijuana packages as it is about not attracting children’s attention altogether. Each state where medicinal or adult-use cannabis is legal has child-resistant packaging requirements.

The critical takeaway from child-resistant packaging requirements is for the cannabis packaging to be near impossible to open for children while remaining simple for adults to open and close. Packages also must be resealable, unappealing to children, disguise contents, and present a clear and detailed information label.


Edibles Companies with Multiple Locations


As an industry experiencing explosive growth, forward-thinking cannabusiness operators are looking to expand their footprint to stay ahead. Because federal law still bans marijuana products from crossing state lines, cannabis manufacturers have to establish separate operations in each state. 

Allocating business expenses to multiple entities and recording bank transfers between entities within a single transaction makes life in the accounting department a lot easier.

Multi-entity cannabis organizations need ERP software with robust financial reporting and multi-entity accounting capabilities. The flexible architecture allows for the easy management of additional locations while adhering to the laws in those new jurisdictions.


Cannabis ERP Works for Edible Manufacturers


The differences that set Cannabis ERP apart for edible manufacturers boil down to automation, safety, compliance, and reporting capability across all verticals in the cannabis industry. With a cannabis cloud ERP, you get a SaaS model, making it very easy for edibles manufacturers clients to implement and scale to support the market’s exploding growth.

Installing the right marijuana software is one of the best ways to streamline your edibles manufacturing operations to sell more in less time. You’ll be able to capture, report on, and understand relevant data about your business and the industry as a whole with actionable insights to help you solve operational inefficiencies and grow your business.

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