Platform-Agnostic Software: What is it and Why it’s So Important to Cannabis Operators?

Cannabis companies are constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies because they face unique compliance challenges that don’t typically apply to other businesses. Besides complying with evolving state and federal laws, operators have to abide by various local regulations, each with its own nuance, processes and systems to adhere to. That’s where the need for software-agnostic technology begins.


Platform-agnostic software allows cannabis businesses to function in different solution environments remaining within compliance and regulatory standards. Agnostic software can also help expand their reach by capitalizing on the increasing popularity of cannabis-related technology and keeping a business relevant and future-focused.


New Levels of Seamless

Platform-agnostic is becoming the technology utopia of software. Take Venmo as an example; you pay for your purchase with little regard for the bank or account you send the money to, and still trust that the money transfer will be seamless.


Incorporating this type of interoperability into your cannabis business operations allows you to harness the power of compatibility with little to no borders. Now you can use different types of systems or software regardless of your current system workflows or business architecture.


In an industry where compliance determines the survival of your business, platform-agnostic software increases the reach of cannabis businesses by allowing them to function in numerous environments without compromising compliance and regulatory standards.


What is Platform-Agnostic Software?

In information technology, an agnostic system can function without any information regarding the system it works within, its architecture, or its technology. The primary benefit of using an agnostic platform is that it works with any system with the functionality to connect different approaches in different environments.


An excellent example is the adaptation of remote working and video conferencing. To function optimally, the video conferencing platform like Zoom must accommodate the different elements or tools each individual uses to attend the collaborative meeting. That way, the software should accommodate different desktops, tablets, laptops, mobile devices, headsets, etc.


Another example is the accessibility gamers have to different online games using preferred methods like PlayStation and Xbox tools. This is made possible by the ability of game engines to accommodate a significant number of platforms within the same codebase.


Granted, platform-agnostic uses standard compliance measures or added coding elements to define its reach. Nonetheless, it offers an open integration where it is freely added to new platforms seamlessly.


Why Platform-Agnostic Software Is Important


Makes Your Cannabis Business Collaborative

A cannabis supply chain requires immense collaborative measures from seed to sale. Issues like product quality, delivery, and money management are critical for any supply chain stakeholder. Therefore, you require the ability of platform-agnostic software to welcome collaboration and partnerships with ease.


The right platform-agnostic codebase makes it easy for collaborators in the supply chain to learn safety and compliance measures from one touchpoint to the next until the products reach the end user. Moreover, any differences within the supply chain are quashed because the platform-agnostic system acts as a unified and consistent system with centralized data.


Makes Your Cannabis Business Inclusive and Flexible

Because platform-agnostic software has few barriers to access, it ensures that many users can engage with the system with minimal requirements. For instance, the prior investment needed to use a system might not be necessary, like purchasing new and compatible hardware to use with the new system.


Instead, users and developers gain immediate and unbiased access to the system, making it very inclusive. It also allows cannabis businesses to expand their operations with ease. For instance, introducing a new strain into the product catalog using platform-agnostic software reduces the roll-out time, training, and onboarding process.


Alternatively, the interoperability of platform-agnostic software makes it easier to integrate the most updated technology solutions into the business infrastructure. This ensures the business is up to date with compliance requirements and maintains a competitive advantage in any competitive market.


Sets Your Cannabis Business for Future Success

The ease of compatibility with other partnerships and software solutions allows businesses to use platform-agnostic software to leverage opportunities for future growth and sustainability. For instance, you can convert from old technologies in favor of modern and more efficient solutions.


And because the focus is on relevant growth opportunities, the platform-agnostic software helps businesses maintain relevance well into the future. This also gives the business the agility to keep up with upcoming trends and changing market dynamics, especially concerning compliance regulations.


Agnostic is the future

With continuous innovation in technological solutions, agnostic software solutions will become the norm, and with good reason. Having platform-agnostic software means having the resource to successfully run and accommodate business processes now and in the future.


For the cannabis industry, it is imperative to implement a system that accommodates the growing and changing compliance regulations and requirements. This is exactly the space platform-agnostic software creates. And that is why the future is with agnostic solutions.




What is Platform-Agnostic Software?

This is an application’s ability to run any system without the need for information, architectural, or technological interoperability.


What is the benefit of Platform-Agnostic Software?

Primarily, platform-agnostic solutions allow businesses to operate in versatile environments because of their added coding or common compliance standard adaptation. This allows businesses to move fast between systems, processes, and collaborations without worrying about compatibility issues or the cost of adapting new processes.


Why is Platform-Agnostic Software important?

Different businesses benefit differently from using platform-agnostic, but at the core of it, platform-agnostic software is important because it enhances collaboration, flexibility, and inclusivity and positions a business for future success.


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