Making Data Work in Your Cannabusiness

Data collection is playing an increasingly important role in today’s economy, but with so much data being collected, cannabis companies often struggle with putting the information to good use. These concerns are not unique to the cannabis industry of course, as organizations across many verticals continue efforts to mine their data for making informed business decisions. With all the data generated by your cannabusiness each day, how can you make it work for you?

Having revolutionized the way cannabis operators run their business, modern cannabis industry software helps you answer this question. By enabling you to capture, report on and understand relevant data about your business and the industry as a whole, cannabis ERP delivers actionable insights to solve operational inefficiencies and grow your business. When simply having the information is not enough, you need an effective cannabis software solution to help you understand the big picture to reach your goals.

Single Source of Trusted Data

As your cannabusiness begins to grow, disparate systems affect your ability to control the integrity of your company data. This brings new challenges which impact your ability to scale profitably. Compiling multiple datasets from separate technologies in different formats, besides being inefficient, leads to data silos. The data disconnect between departments in your company often results in manual workarounds, data duplicity, and overall inaccuracies.

Consider the amount of time it takes your staff to record and re-enter data from one system to the next, which then requires reconciliation and cross-checking data from each system. As a result, you and your management team become hesitant to rely on the company’s business data which can’t be trusted, is full of reporting errors or includes different sets of data drawing conflicting conclusions.

Seed-to-sale ERP software delivers a single source of accurate and up-to-date business data. By integrating systems that operate from the same datasets, you eliminate manual workarounds and data re-keying. You also allow different departments to share business data and intelligence tools to more easily spot trends, reveal inconsistencies and uncover hidden business opportunities. When you consolidate your business processes into one solution, you’re able to access and analyze a large pool of data from a single source.

Real-time Data for Real-time Collaboration and Reporting

Employing technologies which limit the number of simultaneous or overall users creates a data gap where a few key employees have granted access to analyze data and generate reports for everyone else. This lack of real-time visibility and collaboration capabilities leaves your remaining staff at the mercy of those with access to relevant data and analytical reports which could help drive informed decisions. Information should be centralized and accessible to those who need to glean actionable insights and identify certain data relationships between the different datasets being generated by your cannabusiness.

Modern cannabis industry software enables seamless sharing of business data throughout your cannabis operation by creating a collaborative environment for teams while offering the security of user-based role permissions for authorized access. To maximize the benefits provided by your seed-to-sale ERP, you need to have a strong strategy for data reporting to speed and streamline communication between individuals and teams.

Let Data Revolutionize Your Cannabusiness

To make data work successfully for your cannabusiness, you need to build a data-driven culture within your organization and stress the importance of proper and accurate data collection. Empower your employees with modern solutions which clearly illustrate the role data plays in automating some of their menial tasks.

By centralizing and democratizing your cannabis data, you give your staff the power to collect and analyze information from a single source to use toward business objectives and timely reporting to stakeholders.

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