RFID is the Right Fit for Cannabis Supply Chain

The ongoing expansion of legal marijuana in the United States is creating tremendous business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. The stigmas about the marijuana plant and its uses are falling by the wayside, making way for a new and viable professional avenue for manufacturers and logisticians to explore. Yet, there remain many inventory tracking challenges cannabis operators must overcome in order to thrive.

Among the most important targets within the legal cannabis supply chain involves tracking inventory from seed to sale. Tracking this category of materials and products can be a challenge to manage through manual processes, especially when state and federal regulations aggressively mandate every component of the cannabis manufacturing process.

This process must be accounted for at all times. Heavy regulations set a high standard for how manufacturers manage and track their inventory and products, and can be a major challenge for new and established cannabis manufacturers alike.

Accountability through RFID

Easing the difficulties associated with tracking large amounts of inventory, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allows cannabis operators and regulators to track every movement a cannabis product makes on its road from seed to sale.

Providing a fast and effective way to capture information, RFID scans can send data without a direct line of sight, so labels are read from a distance and make it easier to locate inventory quickly. By reducing manual entries and human error, RFID/barcoding eliminates inefficient workarounds.

Compliance Made Easier

Part of what makes cannabis tracking so complex is varying legislation and multi-jurisdictional regulation occurring across state lines. The path that a cannabis product takes to get to the consumer must be heavily monitored but also verifiable.

RFID is an invaluable tool for remaining compliant with often-disparate state and federal regulations, as well as giving cannabis operators a way to keep a close eye on their inventory as it relates to the quality and compliance of their products.

RFID tracking offers authorities in regulatory bodies the ability to monitor and trace the movements of inventory at any level of production—from individual cannabis plants or clones at the seedling stage to larger product batches that have been converted to their final for-sale forms.

Safety and Quality Assurance Automated

On the other side of the transaction, RFID tracking affords consumers peace of mind by knowing from where their cannabis products came, assuring quality and freshness.

Counterfeit or illegitimate products can be a nuisance in any industry from denim to alcohol, but because of how heavily monitored cannabis is, customers and patients are able to confidently use cannabis products without concern for what a product contains or from where it originated. This kind of tracking isn’t possible without RFID but is made significantly easier with the implementation of seed-to-sale ERP.

Seed-to-sale ERP software integrates RFID/barcoding for tracking products and pricing, as well as ensuring cultivators, processors, labs, and dispensaries are up-to-date with product handling requirements for each state, country, and city.

By tracking products in the cannabis supply chain from its seedling state through to its eventual sale, cannabis operators give themselves the greatest chance at compliance and quality assurance in this highly competitive industry.

With Seed-to-Sale ERP, Everyone Wins

RFID and cannabis ERP saves time and money at any step of cannabis production, which benefits everybody. Farmers have an easier time controlling their products due to the time saved on manual tracking and giving real-time insights into their supply chain dynamics.

Assuring quality and safety, RFID tracking means fewer working hours spent on monitoring which can amount to cost savings for the consumer, translating into lower marijuana prices.

Government agencies trust RFID tracking as well since it ensures accurate tracking and in turn accurate regulation and taxation of cannabis goods. RFID tracking is simply the easiest way to accomplish the necessary task of tracking cannabis products, which benefits every stakeholder involved in cannabis manufacturing, transportation, regulation, and consumption.

With cannabis ERP, operators get the operational and compliance tools to meet the requirements of an ever-changing industry in one cannabis industry software solution. Contact us to learn how c2b teknologies has helped cannabis businesses like yours automate their supply chain and inventory processes through RFID tracking.

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