Using the Right Technology to Track Warehouse Data

Cannabis companies need the right tools to maintain regulatory compliance, ensure product quality, and increase profitability.

That’s not news for cannabis operations with warehousing facilities. Using the latest in Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and Cannabis Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, cannabis companies get the market-driving technological resources to grow their business and reach their full business potential.

Cannabis ERP for Warehouse Enterprises

Implementing comprehensive ERP solutions into a cannabis business significantly improves a company’s ability to monitor and manage critical business activities, providing incredible oversight and managerial control of company processes, facility environments, and financial metrics.

By integrating disparate company systems into one homogenous solution, cannabis ERP software helps warehouses optimize productivity without sacrificing functionality. Read on to learn how impactful cannabis ERP is to warehouse operations through advanced data management applications:

Seed to Sale Tracking – All cannabis businesses must keep thorough inventory records to meet local regulations and federal tax laws. Governmental METRC reporting systems rely on RFID tracking tags, which follow cannabis products throughout their lifecycles. Cannabis ERP solutions provide mobile RFID scanning applications, automatically transmitting information into a central company database.

This helps warehouses maintain regulatory compliance at both the local and federal levels and provides critical insights into warehouse performance by automatically accumulating raw inventory data.

Note: While the terms are often used interchangeably, cannabis ERP and seed-to-sale software offer distinct benefits for a cannabis company, but the functionality and ROI are vastly different by comparison. Cannabis companies investing in the less functional seed-to-sale system need to understand the difference.

Advanced Environment Control – Maintaining product quality for perishable items like unprocessed cannabis flower is critical for every cannabis warehouse. This requires that warehouses closely monitor and control storage environments at all times.

Through the integration and use of advanced climate control technologies, cannabis ERP solutions ensure that facility environments remain at optimal levels. Automation also plays a key role, with configurable AI assistance that adjusts climate control resources to keep environments within specific thresholds.

Supply Chain Management – Cannabis ERP solutions homogenize warehouse systems, making Supply Chain Management (SCM) tasks easier and more efficient. Cannabis ERP software tools facilitate management tasks by regulating incoming and outgoing stock in the warehouse, automatically placing orders with preferred suppliers when item stock is low, and organizing outgoing shipments to customers.

By coordinating physical and informational flows, improving communications, and centralizing data, cannabis ERP solutions help warehouses develop and run supply chains in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Key Metric Analysis – Cannabis ERP solutions provide highly functional dashboard controls to give warehouses the informational tools to accurately take the pulse of operations in real-time. ERP dashboards deliver metric data analysis capabilities through intuitive, customizable charts, graphs, and reporting functions, supplying enhanced informational access without sacrificing managerial functionality.

Dashboard tools also offer multidimensional metric applications, so warehouses have the ability to customize analyses to include/exclude specific process details. As a result, cannabis companies can measure KPIs, including the effects of individual process adjustments, supply chain disruptions, and other operational impacts, also accurately and in real-time.

Cloud-based Cannabis ERP Solutions

Cannabis businesses of all types need the right technological tools to be successful, but warehouses, in particular, rely on technology to function effectively and increase profitability. Warehouse ERP systems are growing more robust for this reason, offering greater functional capabilities to owners and operators, helping them take advantage of a rapidly growing industry.

Cloud-based ERP software solutions integrate supply chain management, warehouse management, and accounting processes with cloud computing and data storage. As a result, cannabis operators get all the benefits of comprehensive warehouse systems without purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware stored on site.

Not only does this generate substantial ROI from its impact on IT costs, but a cloud-based ERP solution also provides an opportunity for secure remote access, ensuring leadership can make important business decisions anywhere.

Let Data Drive Business

Accurate data is a vital resource for cannabis warehouse operations but can take time to accumulate, even after deploying the right tracking technology. Therefore, the sooner a warehouse commits to integrating a comprehensive ERP solution into their cannabis operation, the sooner they can begin to harness this powerful asset and drive their business forward.

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